Dampening snare and toms with cotton cloths and tea towels are not new for drummers. But what’s the best way to attach them so they don’t slip or fall off while playing? Mr. Muff muffins are the solution!

The wool felt ring paired with the 100% cotton cloth muffin fits perfectly on all standard drum sizes. All muffins can be stacked inside each other for an even more round big fat muffled sound.
The 10″ muffin can also be used to dampen your cymbal and hi-hat due to its cut-outs in the middle. With the integrated “pull-off label”, the muffin can be quickly pulled off the drum if necessary. Allowing a quick sound change, even within a song.
The MUFFINS are available in the sizes 10″ / 12″ / 13″ / 14″ / 16″ and as a complete set with 10/12/14/16 inch sizes included.