DRUMnBASE offers a smaller perBlack Red bass set– sian carpet with this VP130 series. Which is designed for all musicians! Being functional regarding preventing your instrument (or parts from it) moving around and giving you the right stage vibes for your performance!

Green PercussionGrey drumkitDSC_3735

  • RIGID with a capital R
  • 2.5mm anti-slip rubber back
  • this mat goes flat and stays flat, no curling up!
  • reducing vibrations!
  • 4mm strong & durable velour top (easy to clean)
  • giving the right vibe
  • made in Belgium


  • 1.30×90cm
  • 6.5mm thick
  • 3kg
  • Rolled up size is approx 90 x 10 x 10cClassic e-drumkit m


The VP130 series are available in;

  • Green
  • Gray
  • Black Red
  • Classic Worn
  • Original Red